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Kim Bard  - Owner

Kim Bard - Owner

Kim Bard - Chief Monkey

I am a native of Chambersburg, PA, and where I reside with my husband. We have a son who is now in college and, as many of you can probably identify with, as he was preparing for college I was realizing that I needed to find some other interests to help fill the void with him leaving the nest. For so many years life had revolved around his needs and activities and I knew that was going to be changing abruptly and I needed to prepare. 

Passion Discovered

I couldn’t believe how much I looked forward to this time in the studio each week and made every effort to prevent anything from interfering with it. I have always had a creative side and over the years have felt there was something that I wanted to do artistically but was never able to pinpoint what it was. I knew I had found it when my passion continued to grow and I found myself thinking about pottery as I drifted off to sleep and when I woke in the morning.

Monkey Business or Hobby?

Pottery is my spare time hobby, often burning the midnight oil in order to play with clay. I am employed full-time and completed my master’s degree in Organizational Development and Leadership in May of 2013. I am very thankful for the support and encouragement I’ve received from my family and friends to pursue my passion with all this “monkey business”.


Pottery was introduced to me in 2008 when I took a 4-month beginner’s pottery class offered at my church, thinking it would be something fun to try. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the class. Then in the fall of 2010, I decided to go back to school and obtain my master’s degree. Also that same fall, an opportunity for past pottery students at the church was offered for us to participate once a week in a relaxed and informal class where we could receive instruction or just hone our skills on the pottery wheel and with other techniques.

The Monkey Born

After two years, I realized that once a week wasn’t enough for me and that I wanted to “monkey” around with clay whenever I found free time from having my nose in the books and writing papers. I started researching what it would take and began obtaining the equipment in order to transform our basement into my own pottery studio. By July 2012 it was all falling into place, but I needed a name for the business and that’s when my very creative nephew helped design The Clay Monkey. I don’t know yet where this path will lead, but I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Chief Monkey Creating

Chief Monkey Creating

I don’t know yet where this path will lead, but I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.
— Kim Bard