The Clay Monkey

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pottery pieces able to be put in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!  Since the clay in it's finished state is fired in a kiln at approximately 2200 degree F, there will be no issues placing this in your oven or microwave at the highest temp.  Please do not take a dish that's been in the freezer or frig and place directly in the oven without first thawing the contents, otherwise the pottery could crack from thermal shock.  


Are the glazes that you use lead free?

Yes, all glazes used on items that will be in contact with food are lead-free.  There are some glazes I use from time to time on decorative items only, that may not be recommended for use with kitchenware due to the rough or porous surface caused by that particular type of glaze.


Do you do custom orders?

I do, but I reserve the right to choose not do a custom order if I feel that I am unable to create what is expected or it is something that I'm not interested in making.  Let me know what you are thinking and we can discuss it from there.  Please expect and allow additional time for me to complete custom orders.


Do you give pottery lessons?

No, this is not something that I'm currently offering. 


Do you allow local pickup?

Yes.  Please contact me prior to placing an order online so that I can process your order manually and arrange a convenient time for pickup.


Do you have a store?

No.  I have my items available on my website and a limited selection is available in several retail locations located under the "Retail" link on this website.  


Do you sell at art and craft shows?

Yes.  I do a limited number of shows each year and try to keep my schedule up-to-date on where I'll be on the "Events" link on this website.