The Clay Monkey

The Process

Centering and then opening up the clay.

Wheel Throwing


A project being thrown on the wheel.

Pulling up the walls of the bowl.


Pulling up the sides.

Smoothing the edges.


Finished and ready to dry.

Modifications made after being thrown.


Modifications during “leather” hard stage.


Larger projects take up to a week to dry.

The greenware stage is fully dried and ready for bisque firing.  The clay is weak and fragile at this stage.


The bisque fired projects are very hard and porous, which allows the glaze to soak into the clay.

The projects are layered on shelves inside the kiln which are adjusted for the varying heights.


Each pendant is individually designed, which emphasizes their uniqueness. If space allows, the back of each is imprinted with “The Clay Monkey” stamp as well as my initials “KB” or “Kim Bard”.

The pendants then must dry for 2-3 days before they can be put in the kiln to be bisque fired at approximately 1940 degrees F for 8 hours.


The kiln loaded and being fired.

A batch of pendants being assembled for individuality.